I have just received the following testimonial and please understand that we don’t reveal who it is from.It is so touching and very, very personal. We have named the author the ‘touching Mum’.

Healing happens through divine intervention and grace and know that ‘All Healing is within YOU.’ Sylvia Shirley

From the Touching Mum:
I would love to help others through the pain and heartache I went through…There is hope at the end of it all, you just have to believe it xxx

I came to Sylvia after a failed IVF cycle. My body was physically sore where I had been poked and prodded and my heart was broken. I felt lost and alone and had lost my belief in it ever working out. I rang Sylvia as I had heard Reiki was good to help healing my physical pain and I felt I needed help relaxing. Little did I know that once I walked through her door my spirit would also begin to heal. We sat for hours talking through everything, crying, discussing how we would work on getting me back to who I was before and most importantly getting me back to believing this was going to work out. Sylvia always makes you feel like she has all of the time in the world for you and you are her main focus. I found the Reiki sessions amazing, like I was in a trance with Sylvia healing me as I floated in a relaxing state. I felt incredible heat in my mid section as she healed the physical pain (which disappeared over night after the first session). I felt her clear away all the worries in my head until all I could see when I closed my eyes was a blank white sheet. As I undertook my next IVF cycle I felt she was always with me in the back of my mind, keeping me calm. The times in the previous cycle where doubt clouded my mind- instead I heard Sylvia’s voice telling me to believe. She could see my little girl waiting for us. It really helped me to focus on her belief which in turn became my belief and low and behold my precious little girl did come along. As I hold my baby girl, I am forever grateful to Sylvia for helping me through that difficult time in my life and yes, I believe, for helping to bring my daughter and I together x


Have you ever thought about what you can do to be content and happy? A German Healer named Bruno Groening who lived from 1906-1959 said

“Only take in good thoughts and do good deeds.”

How do we do that?

When you feel good, you think positively.

How is it on a day where you might not be there?
The thoughts that come in can be rejected, yes they can.
You have the right to say

“I am not accepting this!”

You can say it as many times as you like and then Bruno said

“Look out the window or go out into nature.
Nature is God.”

Some people don’t like the word God. Then just call it the highest source or the universal energy or whatever seems right to you.

Try it out and you will be amazed how good you feel.

I think of negative thoughts as if someone would bring a smelly, filthy skip and dump it on the front lawn of your house. Would you accept that? NO!! You would say, clean this up and put everything back the way it was.

Well that is what not accepting negativity in your life means.

Neal Donald Walsh wrote books titled “Conversations with God” and as God wrote to Neal he mentioned that fear, worry, anger and hatred are seperating human from the divine within.

If you feel any of those emotions coming up, you can again say, I am not accepting this or you can hand it all over to the Universe, God and say, please take this away from me and please let me feel good again.

It is in the asking that we shall receive.

Try it out, all you can loose is the unpleasant feeling.

I would like to mention another very important sentence by Bruno Groening

“Trust and believe the divine power helps and heals”.

By the way Bruno’s teachings are not based on any religion, today we would say he taught “Self Help”.

Seminars and Workshops 2017

Learn something new and have fun at the same time.
Life is about remembering and learning is one way of remembering
what makes you feel good. I gladly share my knowledge and experience in different areas of life. See what you can do to enjoy life even more than you have been so far.
My seminars and workshops are like retreat days and you will receive knowledge, course notes as well as lunch and snacks tailored to your needs.

See what you would like to enjoy. All seminars and workshops are with like minded participants in small groups. Please book your space as soon as possible. I look forward to enjoying a day of education and fun with you.



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Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life Workshop

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Times:10 am to 5 pm


Dates: Saturday 30 September 2017

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Healing Seminar/Workshop

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Certified Reiki Seminars Reiki practitioner Level I & II and
Reiki Master

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P1060872 - Copy (2)Dear Sylvia,
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much. I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I came first to your meditation and sound healing class. I have suffered from post natal anxiety since the birth of my wee child in April. I have found sleeping particularly difficult. Last night I had the best quality sleep I’ve had in 6 months. I only got 4 hours until my child woke but even after that I felt fully rested and calmer than I have for ages. Thank you. It is such a relief to know that it is still possible to obtain such a deep level of relaxation. I feel more connected to myself and less stressed than I have for a very long time. I will definitely come back.
With every good wish,



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I look forward to making you all feel really good!



Happy 10th Birthday !

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Celebrate the 10th Birthday of Sylvia Shirley’s Heavenly treatments in Carlow and win a special price. Please read on or scroll down to see how.
In August 2006 I opened the Sylvia Shirley Cosmetic & Wellness Atelier in Carlow. We had just moved from Germany in February 2006.

By August, my first lovely Irish clients were enjoying heavenly treatments at the Sylvia Shirley Cosmetic & Wellness Atelier.
Throughout the years my dear clients have told their family, friends and colleagues about their joyful experiences and my business has grown more and more. Thank you so much for that!
In April 2012 we moved into our Blessings house in Ballinacarrig, 5 minutes from Carlow town and I changed the name to Sylvia Shirley Healing & Wellness Centre.
Healing has always happened and it was time to let the world know what my treatments were really about. Feeling heavenly, balanced, rejuvenated, light and pure and looking great at the same time.
I am so, so grateful to all of you who have made this a beautiful journey with me and it is my pleasure to celebrate our 10th Birthday with you this month.

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Joyful regards,



Beautiful Young Woman Outdoor. Enjoy Nature

After each treatment my clients say,

” I feel so good and so relaxed”  and sometimes ” I have forgotten how good I feel when I am with you”

This is a little reminder of how wonderful you feel when you are with me.

It is my pleasure giving you the best treatment possible and you will experience the benefit of that.

You will feel that I really love my work and have the awareness that when you come to me, you are looking forward to very special moments and a blissful feeling when you leave.

How about getting into that amazing space right now?

Have a look at what will make you look and feel great and peaceful inside and then just book your special treat.

Joyful regards,