Lachende Kinder in Bewegung in der NaturDid you know that you can have a happy life and enjoy every moment of your day? The key to a joyful life is to have good and positive thoughts. Thoughts are electrical currents and just like any electricity they flow. Once the ‘thought currents’ have been sent off by the brain they flow into the body and cause a reaction also called feeling. All cells in the body are waiting to see what the brain is sending them as a program at any given moment. Happy thoughts cause happy feelings and every cell is joyful in the body, Imagine it as if they were dancing and having lots of fun, thereby strengthening the immune system and feeling charged up. Of course there are times where you may not feel full of joy, that’s the time to remember you can change that program instantly and strengthen your cells again and have a fun day. Little helpers for changing a 🙁 into a 🙂 are music, sunshine, thinking of someone or something you love, remembering a happy memory, taking a little break, taking forty winks, dancing, singing, giving a hug or taking a walk in nature. You might think of something else that would make you happy and then your day is fun again. Enjoy!