HEALING FACILITATION SEMINAR ON SATURDAY, 11 February 2023 from 10 to 5 pm

All Healing is within you, that is the motto for this seminar. Everyone has the ability for healing. The key to find out how is what you will learn in this interesting and enjoyable Healing Facilitation Seminar. Enjoy a day of knowledge and fun.
I am sure you will learn a lot about yourself

You will learn:
 Healing and the cause of illness, how to reverse disease
 What your thoughts can do to your wellbeing, health and happiness
 About Love
 Your Chakras
 Meditation and mind control
 What your body is telling you with aches, pains and illness
 The healing-power of forgiving
 Hands on practice in groups of 2

Course notes with all information to review again at home

Light snacks (herbal & fruit teas, water, fruit and biscuits) as well as
a delicious lunch are provided.

Location:     Sylvia Shirley Healing & Wellness Centre Blessings,
Ballinacarrig, Carlow Please contact Sylvia on 085 710 7420 or email healing@sshirley.com
Saturday 01 October 2022 10 to 5 pm
150 euros

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