Many years ago I learnt from my dear friend and mentor Stephan Dalley  to do the following:
When ladies of any age happen to have lots of pain during their periods and also when they experience menopause with hot flushes, then there is a simple way to change that.
All you need to do ladies is to tell yourself with all your heart how much you enjoy being a women. How lovely it is to have this beautiful female body.
Keep doing that even when you are feeling good, then you will see, the more you appreciate being a lady in your beautiful female body, the less you will have discomfort.
If a hot flush begins immediately say the above from the heart, it takes only a few seconds and it is gone!
You have to try it to experience it. My friend just tried it and it worked for her as for me and so, so many others that I told it to. Her sister tried it and it worked. Without anything except SELF LOVE and appreciating your female body. HEALING IS SO EASY if you know how. Thanks to Stephan I can share this with you.
Enjoy being a happy and healthy women
All the best,