I am delighted to open my Healing & Wellness Centre on Tuesday, 7 July 2020.
You will be able to enjoy your favourite treatments. Online Booking is available now.

If you have any vouchers that may have expired, please use them and please make sure that you will bring them with you.

A few things will have changed as you know, you will wear a mask, and first of all we will begin your stay here with washing of hands, then changing into your comfy slippers and then we will proceed with your treatment.

I will wear a mask and when I am very close to you also a face shield, so you can really relax during facials and massages or healing treatments.

As many of you know I have high standards of hygiene. Since opening my business in 2006 I have always cleaned the toilet and everything in the bathroom after each client. I also washed and disinfected all door handles, light switches, chairs, towels, bins and everything that was in use for my clients.
Of course I always air out the entire Centre after each client.

Meditation Sound Healing:
Due to the social distancing I will only be able to provide spaces for 4 clients, 3 lying down and one sitting on a comfy chair with a foot stool. Masks will be worn during meditation. The beds and chair will be covered with sheets that will be washed on a hot wash. Each person gets a fresh blanket and everything will be washed and disinfected after each use.
Due to the few participants and circumstances I will have to increase the price for my Sound Healing Classes to 15 euros. Thank you for your understanding.

Online booking for Mediation Sound Healing Classes as well as Seminars
I am looking into getting online booking for the Sound Healing classes. As always you can pay by card. I will let you know more details as soon as I have them.

You can enjoy various seminars in small groups and we will begin with washing of hands, changing into comfy slippers, you will be wearing your mask and you can bring your own lunch if you prefer.

Treatments between now and 07 July
You can enjoy Healing Treatments as well as Angel Card Readings via What’s App and Zoom Tuesday through Fridays. Please contact me on 085 710 7420.

I am so looking forward to giving you the best treatment and making you feel heavenly cared for.
Joyful regards,


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