Life is good!

Label with Life is GoodCome to think of it, life is good!

What are your thoughts? How is life for you? Why are there so many ‘positive thinking’ books and stories out there? I have not always had the awareness that I have today and I am sure I am one of countless others that learn every single moment. Well, one of the things I have learnt over the last decades, life is what I think it to be. I see our brain as the best computer that has ever been invented and as with any computer it depends on the input. Meaning, if we have a great input in our brain, then the rest of the body will follow the program that has been set to follow. Our believes and thoughts tell every one of our bodies cells what they are to do. We think it and then feel it and then the body follows the program that was set for the day or the moment until we change the program.

Imagine, you are going to go to a very enjoyable event, you have been looking forward to it and on top of that the sun is shining. What a great day! You are happy. So you feel happy and your bodies cells think we are now running a ‘happy program, feel good, laughter, jumping for joy program’, great! So your day can only be great, that is the program that you have chosen.

By the way if you have one of those not so great days,  you can change the program at any given moment. The choice is yours 🙂