Due to the governments order I have closed my Centre until 21 July 2020 or until we are getting the all okay to open up again.

Recommendations for you: Stay positive, have fun and laugh as much as you can.
Be grateful for the time that has been given to you to do what makes you happy.
Enjoy me time at home, in nature, gardening, meditation, relaxation, exercise, fun time, play time and happy film time, de-cluttering, reorganising, re-inventing, contemplating, looking for all the good in your life and all the good this will bring to you.
This is a time for slowing down and when you look at it that way, you will find it is a gift.
Only accept good thoughts and let go of all the unpleasant ones.
The happier you are the better you will feel and then your immune system is working beautifully. So enjoy what you have and make it a very special time for you and your loved ones.