Your Health – Vitamins

Summer, the perfect time to eat lots of good things that make you feel great and look fantastic!

Tips from Anita Unger

Vitamin B2, part of the B complex, keeps your nails, eyes, hair and lips beautiful.

Daily recommended intake: 1, 6 mg
Where to find it: in 1 litre of Milk, 50 g peanuts, 50g almonds, 50 g cheese and
125 mushrooms contain 0, 5 mg

If you lack it: your skin looks pale and in the corner of your mouth the skin might be chapped.

Vitamin E for your nails and tissue; it also protects and strengthens the body.
Daily recommended intake: 12 mg
Where to find it: in 15 g wheat germ contain 25mg, 100g raspberries contain 4,5mg,

100 g turkey meat contain 2, 85 mg, 100g avocado contain 5, 0 mg

If you lack it: your skin is dry, flaky, has age spots and is tired looking.
You might feel tired and exhausted.

Please consult a nutrition specialist, the trained staff of a health store, chemist or your doctor before self-medicating. Thank you!