Dear wonderful clients, I will have to make a few changes in order to comply with the new covid procedures.

When booking for mediation, please know that I do need an email address, phone number and that I will send you a Covid questionnaire each time, that needs to be returned to me before mediation.

The same will automatically be sent out for regular treatments that are booked online.

Please keep the distance between each other, especially when coming for mediation.

Please bring your own beverage when you come, since I am not allowed to provide any for the moment.

Please wear a mask for your treatment, except for facials, I will wear a mask and a shield when giving facials. If you would like for me to provide a mask for you, I will gladly do so, please know it will be €1.

When coming for mediation, please leave your bag and coat in the car and please only bring either the exact change or a card to pay.

Please allow a little bit of time since hands need to be sanaticed or washed before changing of shoes into slippers, which I always provide.

Please use the bathroom before coming, during mediation I am not able to leave to clean between clients using the bathroom.

Thank you so much for your understanding, I am sure you will have a lovely experience.