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Today I was so warmly welcomed into Sylvia’s beautiful home for the first time. From the minute I entered I felt so comfortable and at ease around her.  I had conversational healing and a Reiki treatment which was truly wonderful and I could literally feel the stress lifting while I was talking to Sylvia.  She is so kind, warm, sincere and patient and I knew I was in a safe place.  She explained things so simply and has such a calming voice.  I did not once feel rushed or against the clock – it was as if I was her only Client for the day and that it was all about me.
When I was leaving I had a smile on my face for the whole journey home and am so excited about returning to see Sylvia again.  This is an experience and a must!
Thank you Sylvia.


Is the photo reflecting the way you would like to feel?  If yes, then please contact me. I will do my best to assist you in finding your way back to your true self.

Are you  experiencing fear, anxiety, depression, worry or sadness? If so, please consider looking after yourself. When feeling those symptoms  your energy is out of balance.

There may be various reasons why, when and how it all began.
Often you feel trapped in a situation and don’t see the way out.
Yes, it takes some homework to escape out of that circle and yes there is a way out.
Balancing your energy is one step in the right direction, changing the way you are thinking and seeing/experiencing the world is another.
It is in your hands to get out and also how long it takes to do so.
If you would like to know more, please contact me.
My wish for you is to live a very balanced, relaxed and happy life.
Here is a testimonial of a lady who received her healing when she was ready for it.


Elaine said “Good Bye” to her severe anxiety

Dear Sylvia,
In November of 2015 I hit a very severe point in my life were daily and night time panic attacks and anxiety symptoms took over my life. I could not go anywhere, I would question everything I would do and think the worst case scenario in every situation. I could not have a conversation with anyone, I would struggle to breathe until they would go away and until I got back home to safety. I went through a numerous amount of therapists and doctors to try and get some control back on my life. My family were so worried about me and trying to understand what I was going through, it was hard for them also, but harder for me because I could not explain to them what I was going through.
I was ashamed of everything, ashamed I couldn’t go anywhere without anyone with me, ashamed I couldn’t drive, ashamed of me. My work and family life suffered and I wondered how could anyone be just going on about their daily routine when I was struggling with breathing every minute of every day and living in fear.
One day in work I was having a Panic Attack and was trying to cope in work and hiding it from colleagues when a work friend said “Elaine did you ever hear of Sylvia Shirley” She is a healer and I think you should try and go to see her.” I said I would definitely give it a go. I remember emailing Sylvia one morning as I was in the turmoil of despair and I felt I would give it a try. So I booked an appointment with Sylvia. Well this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Firstly I would like to say that Sylvia is someone who is in my mind a beautiful person inside and out. The moment I stepped inside her workshop I felt a sense of ease and still do, Sylvia is someone who is supportive and very understanding. When you are with Sylvia she devotes her time with you it’s never rushed and she makes you feel special always.
I remembered I cried and cried on my first few sessions and initially went from crying to talking to booking and getting a reiki treatment to going to weekly mediation sessions.
Sylvia taught me something no other therapist or doctor could. Sylvia taught me how negativity in your life causes most of your problems. She taught me that we are all innate and that we just have to not let in negative vibrations into our thoughts and most of all to take care of ourselves and love ourselves instead of trying, to always trying to find the solution or fix ourselves.
I did not understand at first what this meant but after a few months my life started to change and I started to follow her words and read them every day on waking and during the day and eventually made them part of my daily routine. I now find time every day to go to the quiet in me either through meditation for 20 minutes or just listening to the quiet thoughts in my head where everything there is peaceful and I know now that that’s all I really had to do but it took me a long time to finally figure it out!!

I would like to thank you so so much Sylvia,

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A truly great experience, you can now also book your favourite treatment online and you choose how much time you would like to invest in your FEEL GOOD TREATMENTS.
The time you book is exactly the time you will reserve just for your special ME TIME.
Enjoy choosing your favourite treat and I look forward to seeing you very soon.
Cheerful regards,


Never take in sick thoughts again, because then the body becomes sick. If you take in a healthy thought, the body becomes healthy. God has given us so much for our life’s path here so that we can govern ourselves, govern our body.
Bruno Groening


Many clients come with back pains and are amazed how easy it is to let them go.
When someone feels tense and stressed, then  it is time to realise that those feelings are emotions and the body will work with them to store them somewhere. Thoughts create emotions and emotions create what happens in the body.
In order to take in good the mind and body need to release all negativity first. Then the good feelings can come in very easily. Imagine if someone would have the cupboard or fridge  full of food that has gone off, would that person just buy fresh food and fill it up even more?
Most likely not. The person would clean it out and then restock. The same principal works for the body.
If you would like to experience more relaxation, then come and enjoy a treatment or a meditation and you will learn how easy it can be to relax.



You can give a beautifully wrapped gift voucher to someone you  care about or maybe you ask someone for you to receive one for yourself.
Joy that is shared twice, once when you give the voucher and then when the recipient is receiving their favourite
Also available as a corporate gift and valid for 2 years.

If you happen to find one in your drawer that is out of date, then please use it now. I will gladly accept it. Thank you very much.



Many years ago I learnt from my dear friend and mentor Stephan Dalley  to do the following:
When ladies of any age happen to have lots of pain during their periods and also when they experience menopause with hot flushes, then there is a simple way to change that.
All you need to do ladies is to tell yourself with all your heart how much you enjoy being a women. How lovely it is to have this beautiful female body.
Keep doing that even when you are feeling good, then you will see, the more you appreciate being a lady in your beautiful female body, the less you will have discomfort.
If a hot flush begins immediately say the above from the heart, it takes only a few seconds and it is gone!
You have to try it to experience it. My friend just tried it and it worked for her as for me and so, so many others that I told it to. Her sister tried it and it worked. Without anything except SELF LOVE and appreciating your female body. HEALING IS SO EASY if you know how. Thanks to Stephan I can share this with you.
Enjoy being a happy and healthy women
All the best,


Andrew is feeling happy again

“I received a Reiki and conversational healing treatment from Sylvia recently and the positive impacts it has had on life has been amazing.

Having struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, due to a bereavement, Sylvia gave me the tools to grieve properly and relinquish any negativity surround me.

Since my treatment, I have noticed a huge improvement in my mood, and overall outlook on life.

I cannot recommend Sylvia enough, it was a life changing experience.