Dear Clients, as of 23 March we will be closed for Easter holidays. We will reopen on Tuesday, 09 April 2024. You can already book your favorite treatments online.
Our SPECIAL OFFERS for 09 – 19 April are
Healing facilitation, 30 min & Angel card reading 30 min combined
for only € 50, regular € 65
Dr Hauschka Relaxation Facial, 60 min € 55, regular € 69
Dr Hauschka Cleansing Facial, 100 min € 89, regular € 109
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There is so much happening at the moment, not only in the world, actually within everyone. The vibrations are changing very fast. In order to keep up, we need to let go of old, unwanted behaviour patterns and maybe you are experiencing just that. Things that you thought were long gone, are showing themselves again. The patterns need to be shifted, let go of. How to do this? There are a few things that you can do. One powerful healing catalyst is forgiveness, forgiving oneself and others and also asking for forgiveness, not necessarily having to go to the person. Asking in a meditative state from within is a wonderful way to work on forgiveness. This really works, since we are all connected energetically and therefore we can work on this level as well . Consciously releasing the old patterns, putting them in an imaginary bin, setting yourself free. Energy treatments such as metamorphosis and Reiki are great tools in assisting life changes. I will gladly assist and help you in finding your inner peace and relaxation.


A lot has happened in the past few years and we have been able to get through so much already.
In order to stay happy and healthy my recommendation is really only listen to or watch the news as little as possible.
Yes, it is good to be informed about what is going on in the world, just how often per day and at what cost?
Paying attention to our body and to our feelings is the way to measure what is good for oneself and what creates discomfort within oneself.

In order to stay healthy it is vital to focus on good things.

As I am writing this I see flowers in the garden, the hens are taking a dust bath, enjoying the fine weather.
Birds are singing, nature is awakening again.

Paying attention to all of this is making me happy.
Nature is the best thing to rejuvenate and to feel good.
Fresh air, lovely scents and sounds. Exploring the world like a child, a puppy, a kitten or baby bird would. Being in awe.
Nature knows nothing of what is going on in the news. It just is.

Of course it is good to help others when they are in need and one of the best ways for us to help at the moment is by asking for peace in the world.
Peace is a very high vibration and when we feel peaceful within us, we can radiate peace into the world. Beginning with our immediate surroundings.
Peace and calm and love are our greatest health catalysts.

If you feel you need assistance with calming your mind and body, please come for a treatment and I will assist you to feel the way we all are meant to feel. Full of peace and calm.

Please focus on things that make you happy and release all that doesn’t before you do.
In order to release you might just say the following scentence and when you do, imagine all unnecessary is leaving you without having to think about what it is.

”I allow myself to release everything and only love remains.”

Wishing you all the very best and much peace and calm,



Treat the one you love to something so very special –
A Gift Voucher from Sylvia Shirley Healing & Wellness Centre will bring so much happiness and joy.
You can buy online Gift Cards that will be sent to you via email or if you would like to have a physical gift voucher or maybe a beautiful Dr. Hauschka gift set, then you can easily book online to pick up gift voucher or products by clicking on www.sylviahirley.com and then click the green online booking button, choose pick up gift vouchers and your prefered date and time.
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Spread lots of LOVE with a voucher from Sylvia Shirley Healing & Wellness Centre in Carlow.
Joyful regards, Sylvia


A very special way to look after yourself is experiencing peace and calm on a regular basis. Charging your “batteries” regularly and here at my Centre is the best place to do so. You can come for weekly meditative sound healing sessions or enjoy some of my very special treatments reguarly (every 4 to 6 weeks for treatments is very beneficial) Once you realise how important it is to stay in a good place within, then you will have a beautiful, peaceful, joyful life and it will make a difference not only in your own life, also in the life of others. It is like you are igniting everyone around you and by doing so, it will come right back to you with a beautiful feeling of joy.
It is worth giving it a try and you will love the outcome, my regulars tell me so.
Enjoy booking your favourite treatment or meditative sound healing session online.
Wishing you a very happy life

Online Gift Cards

You can also purchase gift vouchers online on my website without coming here, just click on “Buy gift card” and choose the amount, you can pay by card and you will receive an email with your gift card. Please print it out and then you can add it to your Christmas card. So easy and convenient!
Wishing you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2022!


In August 2006 I opened my Sylvia Shirley Cosmetic Atelier in Sandhills, Carlow.
April 2012 we moved to Blessings, Ballinacarrig in Carlow and
became the Sylvia Shirley Healing & Wellness Centre.
Thank you for celebrating our Birthday with us in August 2021.

I look forward to seeing you for your relaxing, rejuvenating and beautifying treatments.
Wishing you a wonderful, heavenly experience whenever you come,


How often have you done something for others without hesitation? When it comes to you, are you doing the same? Or do you think “I don’t have the time, or not right now, or I could be spending that money on my  … ” and so on?
When we are children we have to ask for permission to do things, when we are adults
we still have to ask for permission in certain situations, work or on other occasions. We have been conditioned to have to have permission to do something we would like to do. NOW is your time to give yourself permission for regular ME TIME.
Time to relax, time to enjoy, time to feel good, time for a balanced life.
Enjoy your ME TIME and see what makes you feel good. You might have a look at some of my combination treatments like a 30 minute Back Massage and 30 minute Healing Facilitation combined, maybe you prefer an Angel card reading combined with a Sound Healing Facilitation or an Indian Head Massage combined with a Reiki & Chakra cleanse to balance your energy. Maybe you would like to let go of old, unwanted patterns with a Metamorphosis treatment, a beautiful, gentle way to release unwanted behaviour patterns. Maybe you would love to enjoy a beautifying Dr. Hauschka facial or a soothing Body Massage. See what makes YOU feel good and brings balance into your life. You can book YOUR “ME TIME” RIGHT NOW, enjoy!