I am delighted to open my Healing & Wellness Centre on Tuesday, 7 July 2020.
You will be able to enjoy your favourite treatments. Online Booking is available now.

If you have any vouchers that may have expired, please use them and please make sure that you will bring them with you.

A few things will have changed as you know, you will wear a mask, and first of all we will begin your stay here with washing of hands, then changing into your comfy slippers and then we will proceed with your treatment.

I will wear a mask and when I am very close to you also a face shield, so you can really relax during facials and massages or healing treatments.

As many of you know I have high standards of hygiene. Since opening my business in 2006 I have always cleaned the toilet and everything in the bathroom after each client. I also washed and disinfected all door handles, light switches, chairs, towels, bins and everything that was in use for my clients.
Of course I always air out the entire Centre after each client.

Meditation Sound Healing:
Due to the social distancing I will only be able to provide spaces for 4 clients, 3 lying down and one sitting on a comfy chair with a foot stool. Masks will be worn during meditation. The beds and chair will be covered with sheets that will be washed on a hot wash. Each person gets a fresh blanket and everything will be washed and disinfected after each use.
Due to the few participants and circumstances I will have to increase the price for my Sound Healing Classes to 15 euros. Thank you for your understanding.

Online booking for Mediation Sound Healing Classes as well as Seminars
I am looking into getting online booking for the Sound Healing classes. As always you can pay by card. I will let you know more details as soon as I have them.

You can enjoy various seminars in small groups and we will begin with washing of hands, changing into comfy slippers, you will be wearing your mask and you can bring your own lunch if you prefer.

Treatments between now and 07 July
You can enjoy Healing Treatments as well as Angel Card Readings via What’s App and Zoom Tuesday through Fridays. Please contact me on 085 710 7420.

I am so looking forward to giving you the best treatment and making you feel heavenly cared for.
Joyful regards,



Good news, my energy healing treatments and Angel card readings are available online with Zoom OR What’s App. Those treatments are all on special for 50 euros and you can enjoy them in your own comfort at home. I have already worked with several clients in the last few weeks. Please ring or text or what’s app me for an appointment on
085 710 7420.
Also if you would like products, I will wash my hands, wear gloves, disinfect the boxes of the products, put everything in a new bag and you can pay over the phone. I will put the products outside so you can pick them up at your convenience.
Happy regards,



Yesterday I had a lovely client for a Back Massage and she had rung me a few days ago to see if she could use a Christmas voucher that a good friend had given her in 2012. She had just found it and her friend had said to ring me to see would I still take it.
Of course I did honour the voucher, because when it was bought her friend wanted for her to have a really special experience and she said she did.
Just in case that you would like to give someone a very special gift, or that you have an outdated voucher, please come and use it. You will LOVE it!
Feel and give the true Christmas joy with a gift voucher from Sylvia Shirley Healing & Wellness Centre in Carlow


If the answer is yes, then think about what has happened in your life that could have caused all of that. Maybe you were angry and upset? Maybe you talked about things, but no one listened? Maybe you were unable to resolve problems with others? Maybe you think and say negative things about yourself or maybe even about others? Maybe you feel unloved, betrayed, unwanted or are afraid of being left?
All of those feelings can bring pain into your body, even if some of the things I mentioned above are many years ago. Your soul will let you know when enough is enough.
I will gladly assist you with bringing yourself into balance again, then the pain can subside very quickly.


There are various reasons why a pregnancy does not take place and maybe you have explored a few different ways already to become pregnant.
When your energy is calm and in balance, you help yourself to make way for babies to want to come.
It could be little things that hold your body back from being ready for a baby.
If you like we can explore what it is that you can do.

Please have a look at a beautiful story that a lovely mum whom came to me has experienced :

I have received the following testimonial and please understand that we don’t reveal who it is from.
It is so touching and very, very personal.

Healing happens through divine intervention and grace and know that ‘All Healing is within YOU.’ Sylvia Shirley

From the Touching Mum:

I would love to help others through the pain and heartache I went through…There is hope at the end of it all, you just have to believe it xxx

I came to Sylvia after a failed IVF cycle. My body was physically sore where I had been poked and prodded and my heart was broken. I felt lost and alone and had lost my belief in it ever working out. I rang Sylvia as I had heard Reiki was good to help healing my physical pain and I felt I needed help relaxing. Little did I know that once I walked through her door my spirit would also begin to heal. We sat for hours talking through everything, crying, discussing how we would work on getting me back to who I was before and most importantly getting me back to believing this was going to work out. Sylvia always makes you feel like she has all of the time in the world for you and you are her main focus. I found the Reiki sessions amazing, like I was in a trance with Sylvia healing me as I floated in a relaxing state. I felt incredible heat in my mid section as she healed the physical pain (which disappeared over night after the first session). I felt her clear away all the worries in my head until all I could see when I closed my eyes was a blank white sheet. As I undertook my next IVF cycle I felt she was always with me in the back of my mind, keeping me calm. The times in the previous cycle where doubt clouded my mind- instead I heard Sylvia’s voice telling me to believe. She could see my little girl waiting for us. It really helped me to focus on her belief which in turn became my belief and low and behold my precious little girl did come along. As I hold my baby girl, I am forever grateful to Sylvia for helping me through that difficult time in my life and yes, I believe, for helping to bring my daughter and I together x

 ^ Top



Please if you feel any of the above and you don’t know how to relax, calm down or you feel you are in a black hole and don’t know how to get out by yourself, then please come and let me help you to balance your energy. You can easily book online. Just click on the link please.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon and my aim is to have you leave with a smile, feeling much better.


Today I was so warmly welcomed into Sylvia’s beautiful home for the first time. From the minute I entered I felt so comfortable and at ease around her.  I had conversational healing and a Reiki treatment which was truly wonderful and I could literally feel the stress lifting while I was talking to Sylvia.  She is so kind, warm, sincere and patient and I knew I was in a safe place.  She explained things so simply and has such a calming voice.  I did not once feel rushed or against the clock – it was as if I was her only Client for the day and that it was all about me.
When I was leaving I had a smile on my face for the whole journey home and am so excited about returning to see Sylvia again.  This is an experience and a must!
Thank you Sylvia.


Is the photo reflecting the way you would like to feel?  If yes, then please contact me. I will do my best to assist you in finding your way back to your true self.

Are you  experiencing fear, anxiety, depression, worry or sadness? If so, please consider looking after yourself. When feeling those symptoms  your energy is out of balance.

There may be various reasons why, when and how it all began.
Often you feel trapped in a situation and don’t see the way out.
Yes, it takes some homework to escape out of that circle and yes there is a way out.
Balancing your energy is one step in the right direction, changing the way you are thinking and seeing/experiencing the world is another.
It is in your hands to get out and also how long it takes to do so.
If you would like to know more, please contact me.
My wish for you is to live a very balanced, relaxed and happy life.
Here is a testimonial of a lady who received her healing when she was ready for it.


Elaine said “Good Bye” to her severe anxiety

Dear Sylvia,
In November of 2015 I hit a very severe point in my life were daily and night time panic attacks and anxiety symptoms took over my life. I could not go anywhere, I would question everything I would do and think the worst case scenario in every situation. I could not have a conversation with anyone, I would struggle to breathe until they would go away and until I got back home to safety. I went through a numerous amount of therapists and doctors to try and get some control back on my life. My family were so worried about me and trying to understand what I was going through, it was hard for them also, but harder for me because I could not explain to them what I was going through.
I was ashamed of everything, ashamed I couldn’t go anywhere without anyone with me, ashamed I couldn’t drive, ashamed of me. My work and family life suffered and I wondered how could anyone be just going on about their daily routine when I was struggling with breathing every minute of every day and living in fear.
One day in work I was having a Panic Attack and was trying to cope in work and hiding it from colleagues when a work friend said “Elaine did you ever hear of Sylvia Shirley” She is a healer and I think you should try and go to see her.” I said I would definitely give it a go. I remember emailing Sylvia one morning as I was in the turmoil of despair and I felt I would give it a try. So I booked an appointment with Sylvia. Well this is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Firstly I would like to say that Sylvia is someone who is in my mind a beautiful person inside and out. The moment I stepped inside her workshop I felt a sense of ease and still do, Sylvia is someone who is supportive and very understanding. When you are with Sylvia she devotes her time with you it’s never rushed and she makes you feel special always.
I remembered I cried and cried on my first few sessions and initially went from crying to talking to booking and getting a reiki treatment to going to weekly mediation sessions.
Sylvia taught me something no other therapist or doctor could. Sylvia taught me how negativity in your life causes most of your problems. She taught me that we are all innate and that we just have to not let in negative vibrations into our thoughts and most of all to take care of ourselves and love ourselves instead of trying, to always trying to find the solution or fix ourselves.
I did not understand at first what this meant but after a few months my life started to change and I started to follow her words and read them every day on waking and during the day and eventually made them part of my daily routine. I now find time every day to go to the quiet in me either through meditation for 20 minutes or just listening to the quiet thoughts in my head where everything there is peaceful and I know now that that’s all I really had to do but it took me a long time to finally figure it out!!

I would like to thank you so so much Sylvia,

 ^ Top


A truly great experience, you can now also book your favourite treatment online and you choose how much time you would like to invest in your FEEL GOOD TREATMENTS.
The time you book is exactly the time you will reserve just for your special ME TIME.
Enjoy choosing your favourite treat and I look forward to seeing you very soon.
Cheerful regards,