There is so much happening at the moment, not only in the world, actually within everyone. The vibrations are changing very fast. In order to keep up, we need to let go of old, unwanted behaviour patterns and maybe you are experiencing just that. Things that you thought were long gone, are showing themselves again. The patterns need to be shifted, let go of. How to do this? There are a few things that you can do. One powerful healing catalyst is forgiveness, forgiving oneself and others and also asking for forgiveness, not necessarily having to go to the person. Asking in a meditative state from within is a wonderful way to work on forgiveness. This really works, since we are all connected energetically and therefore we can work on this level as well . Consciously releasing the old patterns, putting them in an imaginary bin, setting yourself free. Energy treatments such as metamorphosis and Reiki are great tools in assisting life changes. I will gladly assist and help you in finding your inner peace and relaxation.