How often have you done something for others without hesitation? When it comes to you, are you doing the same? Or do you think “I don’t have the time, or not right now, or I could be spending that money on my  … ” and so on?
When we are children we have to ask for permission to do things, when we are adults
we still have to ask for permission in certain situations, work or on other occasions. We have been conditioned to have to have permission to do something we would like to do. NOW is your time to give yourself permission for regular ME TIME.
Time to relax, time to enjoy, time to feel good, time for a balanced life.
Enjoy your ME TIME and see what makes you feel good. You might have a look at some of my combination treatments like a 30 minute Back Massage and 30 minute Healing Facilitation combined, maybe you prefer an Angel card reading combined with a Sound Healing Facilitation or an Indian Head Massage combined with a Reiki & Chakra cleanse to balance your energy. Maybe you would like to let go of old, unwanted patterns with a Metamorphosis treatment, a beautiful, gentle way to release unwanted behaviour patterns. Maybe you would love to enjoy a beautifying Dr. Hauschka facial or a soothing Body Massage. See what makes YOU feel good and brings balance into your life. You can book YOUR “ME TIME” RIGHT NOW, enjoy!