A lot has happened in the past few years and we have been able to get through so much already.
In order to stay happy and healthy my recommendation is really only listen to or watch the news as little as possible.
Yes, it is good to be informed about what is going on in the world, just how often per day and at what cost?
Paying attention to our body and to our feelings is the way to measure what is good for oneself and what creates discomfort within oneself.

In order to stay healthy it is vital to focus on good things.

As I am writing this I see flowers in the garden, the hens are taking a dust bath, enjoying the fine weather.
Birds are singing, nature is awakening again.

Paying attention to all of this is making me happy.
Nature is the best thing to rejuvenate and to feel good.
Fresh air, lovely scents and sounds. Exploring the world like a child, a puppy, a kitten or baby bird would. Being in awe.
Nature knows nothing of what is going on in the news. It just is.

Of course it is good to help others when they are in need and one of the best ways for us to help at the moment is by asking for peace in the world.
Peace is a very high vibration and when we feel peaceful within us, we can radiate peace into the world. Beginning with our immediate surroundings.
Peace and calm and love are our greatest health catalysts.

If you feel you need assistance with calming your mind and body, please come for a treatment and I will assist you to feel the way we all are meant to feel. Full of peace and calm.

Please focus on things that make you happy and release all that doesn’t before you do.
In order to release you might just say the following scentence and when you do, imagine all unnecessary is leaving you without having to think about what it is.

”I allow myself to release everything and only love remains.”

Wishing you all the very best and much peace and calm,