There are various reasons why a pregnancy does not take place and maybe you have explored a few different ways already to become pregnant.
When your energy is calm and in balance, you help yourself to make way for babies to want to come.
It could be little things that hold your body back from being ready for a baby.
If you like we can explore what it is that you can do.

Please have a look at a beautiful story that a lovely mum whom came to me has experienced :

I have received the following testimonial and please understand that we don’t reveal who it is from.
It is so touching and very, very personal.

Healing happens through divine intervention and grace and know that ‘All Healing is within YOU.’ Sylvia Shirley

From the Touching Mum:

I would love to help others through the pain and heartache I went through…There is hope at the end of it all, you just have to believe it xxx

I came to Sylvia after a failed IVF cycle. My body was physically sore where I had been poked and prodded and my heart was broken. I felt lost and alone and had lost my belief in it ever working out. I rang Sylvia as I had heard Reiki was good to help healing my physical pain and I felt I needed help relaxing. Little did I know that once I walked through her door my spirit would also begin to heal. We sat for hours talking through everything, crying, discussing how we would work on getting me back to who I was before and most importantly getting me back to believing this was going to work out. Sylvia always makes you feel like she has all of the time in the world for you and you are her main focus. I found the Reiki sessions amazing, like I was in a trance with Sylvia healing me as I floated in a relaxing state. I felt incredible heat in my mid section as she healed the physical pain (which disappeared over night after the first session). I felt her clear away all the worries in my head until all I could see when I closed my eyes was a blank white sheet. As I undertook my next IVF cycle I felt she was always with me in the back of my mind, keeping me calm. The times in the previous cycle where doubt clouded my mind- instead I heard Sylvia’s voice telling me to believe. She could see my little girl waiting for us. It really helped me to focus on her belief which in turn became my belief and low and behold my precious little girl did come along. As I hold my baby girl, I am forever grateful to Sylvia for helping me through that difficult time in my life and yes, I believe, for helping to bring my daughter and I together x

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